TIMPRO and Log-a-Load

For over 15 years, TIMPRO has gone to great lengths to support Log A Load. In addition to its fundraising for the Connecticut Children’s Miracle Network, TIMPRO supports many other fund-raising efforts.

For example, when the American Logging Council’s October conference in Newry, Maine, featured an auction for Maine Log-a- Load auction, TIMPRO participants eagerly pitched in. Thomas Bell of Bell Lumber, Henry Gundlach of South Norfolk Lumber Company, and Joan Nichols of Nichols Forestry all donated items for the event including Connecticut maple syrup, bottles of wine from a Connecticut vineyard, and a toy John Deere Forestry 869 with a Warata head. TIMPRO contributions added another $250 to the $51,000 total raised at the auction. TIMPRO also made a $100 donation to the Rhode Island Log a load fundraising campaign.

LAL at ALC meeting

The Maine Log-a-Load auction at the American Logger's Council banquet in Newry, Maine.

Photo courtesy of Erin Kessler, editor of The Northern Logger and Timber Processor

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