Membership is open to anyone interested in the forest products industry. Membership benefits include free registration to TIMPRO CT sponsored CEU classes whenever possible, a quarterly newsletter that keeps members abreast of developments in the Connecticut forest products industry, up-to-date information via an electronic listserve on issues and legislation affecting the forest products industry, and representation on state boards and commissions.

Member Categories

  • Firewood Producer
  • Forest Products Harvester*
  • Forester*
  • Sawmill
  • Supervising Forest Products Harvester*
  • Supporting
  • Trucking

Note: These categories (*) require state certification. Read about each certification here.

State Certification

In 1991, the Connecticut General Assembly passed the Forest Practices Act. Through this legislation, it was made a matter of law that "no person shall advertise, solicit, contract or engage in commercial forest practices within this state at any time without a certificate" issued by the Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The responsibility for issuing forest practitioner certificates, and for managing and enforcing these requirements, has been delegated to the Division of Forestry within DEEP. The Division of Forestry conducts the testing required for certification, enforces the certification rules, conducts investigations into possible violations of these rules, and recommends fines and other punishments for violators.

Through the certification process, the Division of Forestry seeks to:

  • improve the quality of forestry practiced in Connecticut's woodlands;
  • protect private woodland owners from poorly qualified or unscrupulous foresters, loggers or other forest practitioners; and
  • provide a means of assessing the types of forest activities occurring within the state.

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TIMPRO CT members are asked to abide by a Code of Ethics. Please review this before applying.

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