Connecticut Grown Program

The Connecticut Grown Program began in 1986, with the introduction of the now familiar green and blue logo to identify agricultural products grown in the state. The popularity of this program has increased greatly, as consumers have come to know this logo and appreciate the value of locally grown agricultural products.

In January 2011, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Department of Agriculture (DOA) reached an historic agreement to include products from Connecticut's forests in this widely known program.

Connecticut is a state rich in forest resources. The wide variety of products that come from its forests include:

  • lumber,
  • timbers and beams,
  • flooring,
  • fencing,
  • landscape mulch, and
  • maple syrup.

Wood from Connecticut's trees is also used in the manufacture of items as wide ranging as:

  • fine furniture,
  • wooden bowls, and
  • specialty items, such as the masts of tall ships and wooden boat timber.

Requirements within the Connecticut Grown Forest Products Program assure that "Connecticut Grown" forests are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner. The Connecticut Grown Forest Products Program is administered by the Division of Forestry in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.

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To learn more about Connecticut Grown and why it's important to support local products, visit the CTGrown website.

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