Our Mission


Timber Products Are Our Business

TIMPROCT is a 501c (6) non-profit trade organization representing all aspects of the Connecticut forest products industry including timber harvesters, truckers, foresters, sawmills and associated businesses. Our mission is to enhance the image and understanding of the forest products profession in Connecticut through public outreach programs, education and a commitment to professionalism amongst its members.

Strategies to Promote Connecticut's Forest Products


We communicate vital  information to our members.


We've instituted ethical guidelines, and we demand a high degree of professional ethics among our members.


We've established forest practice standards for the timber harvesting and forest products profession.


Promoting safety within the profession.

Best Management

We promote Best Management Practices for the timber harvesting profession.


We promote education in forestry, timber harvesting, and forest products both within and outside the Association.

best uses

TIMPROCT promotes the superior utilization of forest products.


We promote the use of Connecticut wood products.


We publish a Connecticut Forest Profession Directory and a periodic newsletter.

Giving Back to the Community

  • We reach out to the larger community to improve the image and understanding of the forest products industry.
  • We are actively involved in school programs.
  • We participate in agricultural fairs and events.
  • We sponsor educational programs.
  • We offer two $500 scholarships annually to graduating Connecticut high school students planning careers in natural resource management.
  • We are the proud sponsor of the Connecticut Log A Load for Kids Campaign which raises money annually for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center.
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