2017 Scholarship Winners

Friday October 6th 2017


Luc M. Poirier, a graduate of Edwin O. Smith High School in Storrs, is a recipient of a TIMPRO CT scholarship. He will continue his education at Eastern Connecticut State University where he will study Environmental Earth Science. Luc has been interested in this field throughout high school, especially as a member of his FFA chapter. He especially enjoyed the CDE competitions although it wasn’t always easy. He recalls one timber cruising event: “It was terrible weather – pouring rain!” He also played on the school’s Varsity tennis team and with the Badminton Club. Luc has participated in state and national FFA and CDE events. In Junior Year, his team came in first and he was first in the state. At the national competition in Indianapolis, his team placed Gold and he was a Gold medalist. His team also came in First this past spring in a national Natural Resources competition. In October, his team will go to Indianapolis again even though he will be in college. In addition to school and sports events, Luc worked at Cedar Lodge Tree Farm, “I helped customers pick out trees. I cut and wrapped them and helped load them on cars for the trip home,” he said. He has also worked indoors at the UConn Bookstore and just recently transferred to the bookstore at Eastern Connecticut State University. This summer he interned with R.S.C.C. Wire and Cable helping implement safety regulations. Luc’s broad range of academic and practical accomplishments will serve him well in the future. Thinking of becoming an environmental lawyer or climate change analyst, he wrote in his scholarship application, “I see myself in a position where I can guide and inspire others.” His record so far shows that he is already a success.

Alexandra Winans , agraduate of Housitanic Valley Regional High School, will study Marine Biology at the University of New Haven. Alexandra, known as “Ally,” admits marine biology isn’t an obvious choice. “I’m not really near the ocean but I took a half-year class in marine biology and I knew this was what I really wanted to do. There was just something about it. I’m used to fresh water but the ocean is so much bigger,” she said.Her interest in the field led her to a day-long program in the field at the University of New Haven. “We went out on a boat and drew water samples in Long Island Sound. It was so hands on,” she recalled. Her program as a freshman will be equally hands-on: “We will go out every Friday and take samples. We’ll have sieve nets and do other scientific projects.” Art is important to Ally. She finds it relaxing to paint in acrylics. Flower arranging is another activity. In fact, she has competed in flower arranging. “I had to take a floral class in school to do it,” she explained. “One part was making corsages, another was window displays, a third was flower ID. I made corsages for our group competition. We came in third.” In her free time, Ally plays the guitar and looks after her pets: Five cats (Oreo, Willy, Cookie, Boots, and Coda); a turtle named Modo, a rabbit named Delilah, and a dog, Otis, who is kind of a mutt but lovable. She credits her family for being “super supportive” through all her activities and endeavors.