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Andrew Clark

Limb-It-Less Logging, LLC

182 Saybrook Road
Essex, CT 06426

About Andrew Clark

A TIMPRO CT member since 2007, Andrew Clark of Limb-It-Less Logging, LLC has been an active part of the Forest Products community since 1997. Starting out as a hand cutter for a local logger, he soon decided he wanted to make his living in the woods.

Clark decided in 1999 to start his own logging company. After 14 years of operating a low impact logging company providing services, mostly to the private sector, Clark decided that he wanted to experiment starting a log concentration yard in Eastern CT using the New England Central Railroad as the core mode of transportation for shipping his logs, and others logs, to destinations throughout New England and southern Quebec.  

His goal was not an easy one to achieve in Connecticut. But Clark was fortunate: A friend who shipped concrete owned property next to a railroad siding. He let Clark test this form of shipping. “One thing led to another and now we are officially functioning with it,” Clark reported.

For Limb-It-Less Logging, using railroads saves fuel costs and truck maintenance. Suppliers bring logs directly to the yard where they are loaded onto rail cars. There’s less worry about winter ice and snow and other dangerous conditions that could prove costly.

Moreover, he notes on his website, ““We have been successful in delivering 3-4 trailer loads of logs on one rail car. With this ability we are able to supply saw mills with more logs in one delivery,”

His success had been noticed by Representative Joe Courtney, Connecticut 2nd District. Courtney said, “Limb-It-Less Logging is taking advantage of coming upgrades to eastern Connecticut’s freight rail, which will connect Franklin, CT to upstate New York and Canada. Shipping timber via freight rail increases delivery speeds and does not require the back and forth travel of tractor trailer shipping.”

 For Clark, there’s no mystery. His success boils down to the oldest rule in real estate: “location, location, location.”